Breaking New Work: Etsy Shop Listings & New Pages

Thursday, May 5, 2011

You know that link at the top of this page that says Etsy on it? It has intentionally been left as a non-working link because I had not yet set up the items in my store. But no longer! My Etsy shop is now officially stocked! I have put up an array of knitted items that I made a while ago, as well as some zines from the past. Please check out the pieces and send me an email if you are interested in commissioning an order. Now that we are heading into summer time at a fast clip, I will be making new items both for myself and for the Etsy shop, so if you have a specific request, please let me know!

In other related news: I have created a Twitter account and a Tumblr page. You can access me in these new ways by looking for @thecowation on Twitter and clicking on the banner link above that says Tumblr.

Here are some of the items that I am currently selling on Etsy:

You can also see what else I've been knitting.
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