Project x Project: Coming to a Mailbox Near You

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Now that this website re-vamping business is finished and I am slowly but steadily working myself back into a regular balance of life and school work, I have realized my complete lack of something I've craved since I was a child: real mail.
I thought about why people don't write letters as often anymore and all the myriad reasons why the internet and other forms of communication are used... but it still gives me infinite joy to open up my pathetic little campus mailbox and receive a letter or a zine or even just a flyer (when I'm desperate).
So, taking on the personal initiative, I have decided to start sending little bits of mail far and wide in the hopes of reviving that old school art of postcard/letter sending. Be prepared, friends and family, for the upcoming onslaught of mysterious envelopes and flashy pieces of paper coming your way.
And don't be alarmed if I ask you for your address.

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