Project x Project: Minor Frustration

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why is there not a button to be found in Manhattan past 6pm? Honestly, I have to get this out of my system - there are no craft stores in the city it seems that are open past 6pm and, even without craft stores being open, there is nowhere that will give me buttons! I even went into Urban Outfitters and attempted to buy the extra buttons that you get with coats off of them, but no, you must buy the entire coat for one little button. But, I digress.
This week has been otherwise a really good one for projects; I have finished my skirt (except, of course, for sewing the buttons on), I have started a new Photoshop project, and I am generally closing up shop for the year. It's nice, but also sad. My Etsy won't open until January for logistical reasons (such as: how will I ship if I'm overseas?) and there are a lot of things milling about in my head that I can definitely put into motion come next year.
But for now, it's all about taking a break from my regularly scheduled programming and starting something new. Sewing? Cooking? I've said these things before, but there are probably other things that I want to work with while I'm away. I was thinking about doing some more intense photography things over the winter break and also perhaps doing a bit of drawing, as I have indulged myself by getting a new sketchbook.

Anyway, that is all for later! For now, I have to get over my frustration at the small things. All my projects are coming together quite nicely, but they are taking a bit more time and effort than I thought. Such is the way of the errant crafter...

Check out the final result of this skirt project!