Friday, November 19, 2010

Or, in its full title, Committed: A Poem of a Heartier Nature.

I make the cool concessions;
Perched on the pretty little branch, I am sweetened by the sun,
I am blissful, lazy, downright crazy -
This is the time for work to be done.

I give you up, I hunker down;
I risk tripping over my syllables, letting consonants fall out of place,
I risk leaving out the last period of the final sentence of this final paragraph...
Leaving you in a bolstered sense of self-grandeur.
You've created this, simply by reading it.

I make the tongue lashings happen;
I am firebrand and pit-ready,
Spitting flames.
I dog at your heels like the last moment of empathy,
When you received that final check, that final kiss, that final reassuring word -
I was there to drown you in your misery.

But bliss is agony at some point,
Too much hem-hawing to get to the edge,
Too much rhetoric-passing, kite-flying, lambasting;
Here we are, we could make a difference -
If we could just give up that pretty little branch.

I am the rock amidst the waves;
Battered, rubbed out, fodder for the chopping block and the explosion all at once,
I am resting, waiting, watching,
Never without the conversation of the water lapping at my shore.

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