Three Writer-ly Hangouts and a Treat

Monday, April 12, 2010

This weekend, I was lucky enough to hang around at three downtown locations, all of which were very different and had their own special flair. Oh, and don't worry! I will be posting one of my much-anticipated writing experiments sometime soon (maybe even at the end of this post).

Friday, I had an undeniable urge for shrimp. Unfortunately, all the uptown restaurants were too upscale for my student wages, so my friend and I ventured downtown, picked up two more friends, and headed over to City Crab. Their atmosphere was lively; the greeters joked with us and everyone was chatting in the low light. We mounted some stairs and headed towards a long table, where we took a photograph of our thumbs* (seems to be something of a theme by now, isn't it?) and ordered some food.
I overall believe that this restaurant is a great place to gather snippets of conversation, but the rooms are loud and crowded at dinnertime, so as a writer who wants to sit in the same place for a while, you may not want to set yourself up there. On my own part, I ordered something I couldn't actually eat (buffalo shrimp, way too spicy) and had to send it back - they were nice enough about that, but the waiter seemed tense throughout our meal. That may have just been a personal experience, however.

On Sunday, another gorgeous weekend day, I began traversing downtown on a school scavenger hunt project (looking for Mark Twain in the Big Apple), and then decided to stay because the weather was so nice. I marched into a small smoothie shop called Mom's Cooking. The name is somewhat misleading - I have never seen my mother make mango/peach/pineapple smoothies - but the products were excellent and the woman behind the counter was cheerful and accommodating. Plus, the little shop had a lot of great signs and interesting layout items; I am not an artist, but I bet that you could have just as much fun sketching that store as you would writing in it.
I felt that I could sit there all day, but there is not a lot of seating to stay at. If they were busy, you might have to skedaddle after a short while. The atmosphere was really calming and it is a really cute hangout for a nice day.

Later that same day, a friend of mine met up with me downtown and we comparison shopped for sushi. We finally decided on Iron Sushi, which is a long restaurant with a calm Japanese feel (although I believe that the waiter and cook spoke Chinese to one another; please correct me if you find me wrong). There were not a lot of people there and, while my friend dined on her sushi, we overheard a radical conversation about time travel and monsters from a couple sitting a few tables away.
In short, the atmosphere encourages writing and I believe that you could sit and drink tea for a while in that shop. Though, like any restaurant, at a certain point the owners may want you out, the restaurant was well-lit and had great wallpaper (multicolored and patterned).

Finally, although I did not actually get to write in this place, I want to recommend going to the Cure Thrift Shop. They have really great items and more than a little kitsch. The picture featuring the olden time bicycle is the top floor while the bottom floor has a wealth of clothing options. And all of the money goes to diabetes cure research, so you won't feel guilty about spending some cash there (I did, and I think I will be heading back to donate my winter clothes - give a little, get a little). It is also downtown, but I highly recommend; it is worth the hike if you're from uptown!

*That photograph of us at City Crab will be forthcoming - my camera had died and I have to get this photo from my friend.

This post is growing longer and longer, so I will make my writing a separate post to come later this week! Sorry to disappoint you, people who have read to the bottom of this post already.

A bit of bad news. I have officially quit writing for ScriptFrenzy 2010. I just could not bring myself to write a screenplay; I thought my idea would fit seamlessly into a script format, but alas, the ideas will not jump from my brain onto the page. I feel self-conscious around my characters to the point of awkward silence and listlessness. So, good luck to everyone who is continuing!

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