CocoaV & Trailer Park Lounge

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Again, two reviews for the price of one! Today, I had the distinct pleasure to go to two different locations once more - these two were the complete and total opposite of one another. They were near to the area of 23rd Street (CocoaV was on 21st and 9th Ave, Trailer Park Lounge on 23rd Street and 7th Ave).

This place was bigger than I thought! There was a restaurant in the other half of it, but we went to the charming little chocolate bar that we saw first. When I first gazed at their artisan vegan chocolates, I was titillated by the colored designs on them in fanciful green, purple, yellow, red... all of them were mesmerizing. And when we finally bought some, it was a chocolate experience! Delicate and tasty and every one different - I highly recommend the Vanilla Caramel, that was my favorite. They were definitely expensive, but I believe that was because of the restaurant starting up about three months ago (as I overheard the cashier saying). The register people were charming and we were able to sit there and sip hot chocolate at our leisure.
As a writing location, this place was calm and pleasurable. I felt that we could sit there forever and get drunk on the chocolate fantasy - it had an artsy feel also because of the nice painted chocolates and the sweet atmosphere. Beautiful.

Trailer Park Lounge
In total contrast, the Trailer Park Lounge was a loud, rampant bar/restaurant that had reasonably priced diner food (tater tots!). It was low-lit and had many kitschy items (there was a poodle-shaped blue lamp, many different tin soda advertisements, and a bunch of tiki lights, to name a few). It was definitely a place of inspiration with all the strange things everywhere.
As a writing place, as is most pertinent, it is a great place if you can focus while other people are drinking and talking around you. It is also low lit, but you can definitely see. I found it a charming location, mostly because of the quirky fashion of the place - it was reminiscent of Big Nick's, which is dear to my heart.

Anyway, decadent chocolate or diner fare, these two places are quite amazing.

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