Poetry Rising

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So, I didn't post here for a few days partially out of lack of time and partially out of lack of inspiration. I think I'm going to cool my dogged daily determination for posts and just try to get it all out when I need to. I am going to do probably a mondo-post [or a few mondo-posts] concerning these Memoirian Highlights: Group IV Night, Abby's Birthday, and the Bellevue Tennis Match (definitely not in that order) but tonight I wanted to reattach myself to something that I well and truly love. Poetry.
I have not been able to write poetry for a really long time and, as spring break approaches, I really want to get back to it! I am speaking at graduation and hoping to do Interlake Live with a poem of some sort - to earn me some sweet street cred and all that (haha). But seriously, slams would flow out of me during the summer, and now I just have this regulatory check on my brain at every minute. "That's not good," "You'll never get anywhere with that," "Who the hell wants to read that crap? It's so whiny!"
So I guess I just have to kick myself in the proverbial buttock and just push out a poem for the sake of it coming into being - maybe after that it'll get easier. Here it goes.
After much deliberation (though I did write a poem), I will not write it here because of personal attachment to its inception. My inner editor says it's not ready for public eyes...
Vive la poesie! Vive le mois de la poesie, aussi - d'avril!

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