It's Never Been Ok...

Monday, March 16, 2009

After the euphoria and experience of the show, coming back down to regular life seems dull and slow. Thrill-by-the-minute cannot, obviously, continue forever - but today just reminded me that there are so many days and weeks left in the school year. I definitely need to get moving again, but "moving" doesn't look quite the same anymore. I have a lack of time and a lack of motivation; when it was just one, then everything was ok.
My goal for tonight is to finish writing my pitch. My goal for tomorrow is to edit the pitch and commentary, then find supporting materials. Wednesday will be completely devoted to practicing. Thursday, I will take my customary pre-exam breather, and Friday will be the actual presentation. What am I talking about? PPP of course! That stands for Practical Performance Proposal in IB Theater [Theatre?] terms, and all of our exams are coming up quick. I've decided to deal with it in chunks: this week, PPP; weekend, journal/IPP; next week, TPPP... I wish there was a suspension of all other work for these IB assessments but, alas, no.
As I use WASL week to my advantage [at least, in terms of R&R], I find myself waiting on the next inspiring moment. Hopefully Vikram Chandra and the other guests at My Avatar on Friday will spark my imaginative forces to move forward again - being stuck sucks. [I hope to resume to Picture Dictionary soon enough - maybe that will help] Don't know what everyone else does.

At least my TUT motivational quote seems to get it:
Have you stopped to consider that it's life's "disconnects," "almosts," and "not quites," Jordan, that make life's "connections," "gotchas," and "eurekas" so fantastically romantic? Good, because they were your idea.

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