Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is my -ish idea about Midsummer. I don't know why I would write a poem... but hey!
Also, Darryl the test-taking penguin, made a debut today - and hence his face is immortalized now forever. Forever.

Either side? It will displease.
These wheezing wedding words were thrown,
Upon the ground where no man's trail,
Would seize upon this sore unknown,
Of lover's flight through hill or dale.
Now, when all is quite begun, those wedding words would oft appease.

Soft by day and cured by sense,
Neither I and neither you, in this sordid avenue,
Could predict their fancied flight,
As caution marked the morning dew.
Those lovers fled by blackened night,
But found no savior waiting hence.

And upon their fated stroll,
The lovers, wearied till the dawn,
Slept near the end of shallow day;
Their sleep did not decide to fawn,
And cast the poor man others' way.
Only our hearts' softness takes the toll.

Now followers, quite black and blue,
Were struck to trouble in the shift,
From one to other craggy cliff,
And, in their callous mocking, sift,
Between thoughts and desires quite too... stiff.
And all with only such a problem as to woo.

And finally, that fair prayer resides,
Amidst the heart and heat of escape,
The sweetness it does not parade,
As jealousy does shed its cape;
Only joy comes when love is bade,
And they were each as much in love - and more besides.

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