Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Those cats. Sometimes they just do things so perfectly that all you can do is take a picture.
Today was the first day of finals, but it was pretty relaxing - however, I realized that IHOP is really harsh about letting you order off the kids menu when you're older than 12 [stupid people who pack their food with calories and then won't allow you to have a 'smart option']
Something strange that I learned about just today: young transsexuals. More specifically, the youngest operation for a transgendered person happened in Germany; a boy became a girl at the age of 16 after having taken hormone therapy since she was 12.
The psychologists believe that she was completely ready and serious, and I think that whatever her choice should be hers but... it just makes me wonder. What do we mean by 'sure'? Because walking into the girl's locker room and feeling better in tight jeans doesn't necessarily mean that you are really a girl on the inside. There are a lot of factors that play into it that I just can't comprehend.
Since I am not transgendered, I have no room to speak really, but where does the line draw between 'tomboy' and 'transgendered'? Because we have such an opinion of womanhood based on society that I don't know sometimes if psychoanalysis can tell you what that distinction is. I really wish the article had gone more into depth about the brain reactions than just the surface level interview - I want to know! Do they feel like they have the female parts even without them? Is there something chemical in them that is different than a regular man or woman? What do they think of themselves? So many questions!
Anyway, I hope that the girl feels more comfortable in her true skin now, rather than having to deal with that for a longer period of time.

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