Semi-Automatic Learning

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today I attended Righting the Craft - a class on revisions - and guess what? I actually want to revise! Throughout the class, we gathered many writing exercises that help you unlock your own work (it's very similar, actually, to analyzing published works in English class - I just never thought of applying the same principles to drafts of mine).
Aside from that, I realized that I probably should finish some of my work before it can be edited. Therefore, my new Goals of the Month are going to be: finish a story at the end of each month and edit at least 250 words per day. This is alongside the 250 word generative writing exercises; sounds like a good plan to just become an overall better writer and reader, I think.

When I'm feeling more awake, I think I will document some of the class, but for right now I am just going to show off this picture of my desk in all its glory. Enjoy!

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