Monday, February 9, 2009

Today, I got sick.
Really sick - I still can't talk without sounding like a golem or some other fantastical creature that eludes my recollection at the moment. I'm doing better now, but I really hope that this throat thing goes away by this Friday [a.k.a. when we're opening the play].
Although, a good consolation prize was the fact that I got to stay home and do absolutely nothing for today. I listened to Barack Obama reading Dreams from My Father [an audiobook version which I downloaded two days ago] and watched The Daily Show online. I got to sit around and sleep and marvel at the fact that snow delayed school for one hour - and that it was truly unexpected.
And this time off made me re-realize one other thing. I... am a hopeless romantic.
I have half a piece of red velvet cake left and I haven't eaten it, so instead I decided to photograph it. And those are the photographs that you see today - that piece of uneaten cake that makes me think of everything lovey dovey about Valentine's Day coming up and the strong red tint of it in the bright daylight against the white of the frosting which is creamy and delicious and... only a completely hopeless person would find such entertainment from half a slice of cake.
On another note, I lost another 1.8 pounds, which means that I'm at 138 and well on my way to 130. I am hoping that these changes will keep me going until I get to my ultimate goal (120 lbs) but for right now I'm going to be a little lax because of my illness. There will be time to exercise and keep on plan, but for right now I think I might just bite into all the sweets I can without reservation - comfort food.
Seriously, though, I bet that slice won't even taste as good now.

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