Friday, January 30, 2009

You know, as much as all the work they are putting on us, I have been feeling something quite strange and other than stress - joy.
It's completely insane, but I think that with completing everything I am passing all the tests and hitting all the marks; regardless of the grade or the changes or the new work they're shoving, I am finally at the end of something and not just the middle or the beginning.
Beginnings are great, middles are great, everything is great [is what I tell myself] but I still think that ends are very sweet in a strange way. Sweet and sad. And so, in this next week of "final" exams and all of these old things ending, I am going to start some new things. Partially here.
I have been doing pretty well with giving myself little goals to keep sane and motivated, so I think that my next thing to work on is... self-study.
Lately there has been no time for anything other than school. School, school, school. I have had no time to read or educate myself or do anything that remotely interests me other than the stuff that's still (you guessed it) associated with school. So, I am going to go back to reading the books on psychology and articles on other various subjects and perhaps even posting my interesting findings here [I have found that keeping a blog really keeps me on track with self-oriented projects - it also lets me vent and whine in case there is nothing to be had]
Anyway, for now we are ending. But the beginnings, I hope, will be just as sweet as their oh-so-delicious ends.

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