Saturday, January 31, 2009

So maybe I always knew it would come to this. The timing is perfect, the schedules align... heck, even the technology is cheering. And so it seems to ask me: why not?
If I remember, my New Year's resolutions did not include "exercise more," yet the probability of that is going down and down as I continue to fulfill my first resolution: EAT LESS CRAP!
After reading those articles about how you can fulfill any goal, after changing my schedule to accommodate waking up at 5am and going to bed at 9pm, after realizing that audiobooks can now be bought and downloaded directly from Amazon, and after finally finally understanding that I am uncomfortably overweight, I now have decided - I am going to exercise more.

My decision will progress as follows:
- Wake up at 5am
- Work out for at least 15 minutes [as per the articles: make it so easy that you can't not do it]
- Attend the gym 3 times per week [Sunday, Saturday, Tuesday sounds good]
- Go to yoga [Mondays]
- Look for interesting classes at the gym or articles to keep up
- Download an audiobook and test out its merit
- Repeat for 4 weeks

If I hate it after 4 weeks, then I can scale down. If I love it after 4 weeks, I can scale up. There is no harm in trying, I think. And so, we go!

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