Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today I had absolutely no ideas for photographs. I was going to do my LegSim profile picture, but that turned out horribly, so I quit and figured out that I had several mounds of homework [which I am going to work on gradually other than the immediate stuff] which have now been done and set aside. So I finally got a chance to open my email and, waiting there, was a brilliant idea.
Photojojo's newsletter said to take a picture of a fellow photographer - but since I had no photographers at hand, I used my dad! For some reason it had never occurred to me before to use my family members as subjects... Why? Probably because I feel pretty insecure about my photography skills and really didn't want to expose them to both a shy and non-photographically incline subject (a.k.a. my dad). Yet this picture came about, and I am quite happy about it!
It looks like all our stereotypical school pictures, just with a much more aged face. It makes me wonder - what will I look like if (and when) I ask my kids to do the same for me?
I think it should be a family tradition. Rather than taking pictures of my fellow photographers, I am going to take a yearbook style photograph of my family members as I meet them - mostly in black and white because that's the way I prefer it. Yay!
Da's age at last yearbook photo: 19
Da's age right now: 54

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