Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just checking in because I have already become late on my sleep schedule tonight [it was either exercise or sleep on time I guess - I just wasn't aware of this when I left the house]
I think I have to take a deep breath because I am so deeply stressed about what's going on. Today I asked if I could schedule a regular doctor's appointment - and realized that I have no time for it. School and my extracurricular activities and the reform-your-life-to-be-more-healthy-and-happier thing... really taking a toll on me.
I know that I overbook myself in a lot of ways, but right now I am just in crisis mode and wading through. Every small goal is a victory. Getting the + after my B in biology was like a grand moment. Now I just have to push for an A. I just have to push in everything. I just have to... no wonder the girls at practice said that I looked tired today.
No matter, I'll get up at 6am tomorrow and do my emails then. No time for me, but that's ok! I would rather shower and eat now than later.
Ironically, today is the 27th... so shouldn't I be happier? Who knows.
Also, the picture above is of the lining of my new coat [from Costco!]. I just wanted to use the flash and I have been kind of looking for subjects around my house and... ok... I am trying to find things to photograph quickly because today I didn't have time to be all artistic like I enjoy being. Stupid self. Anyway, enjoy.

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