Spontaneous Omnipotency

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Raining Men - Weather Girls.
Ok, so I must be a psycho-being from the interplanetary regions of JDishia, which I thought was an island but is apparently stranded in a parallel universe where planets are equally islands in the galaxy. I am a reckless charge of insanity and guess what? It's AMAZING.
I don't know where this sudden burst of energy comes from really (probably the sublime imagery of something strange peddling through the waters of my own backwards brain) but I have a feeling that it might end in a way I don't expect. There are some things that I'm just dancing around right now and I feel as if I should talk about them, but who wants to be loopy as the Queen of Hearts and still make sense with every word she writes? Right? Understandably so.
So, generally, this post wasn't really about making sense. I just wanted to get some crazy out onto the page before having to compose myself and find a little bit more 'sense' in the workings of the universe which they call the sciences and math-matics. Excuse me, mathEmatics. Whereas I would sit in a class all day with the quite benevolent study of history and the arts, and be quite at home with either of those subjects. Instead I must make reason of the unreasonably reality that gravity is a force and it is to be reckoned with. Loopier than a marshmallow, but nonetheless true.
Somewhere along the line I will explode. And then my blood and guts will flow over the barren earth and people will cheer because then there will be nourishment for the plants on which they tread, and subsequently a softer world will be made of the remnants of a J that once was. Adieu.