A Snippet of Soul Language from bell hooks

Sunday, January 13, 2013

"From the people of the backwoods, I have learned that we can see into each other's hearts if we want to; that there is really never any need for words; that if you want to know a person you have to taek a good lok inside them, to move on inside their flesh, to open the doors of their heart and take a look. From the people of the backwoods I have learned that looking into a body this way can be violating, that it is always necessary to look only to be of service, and not to use what is seen for power. It is the difference between magic that heals and magic that hurts."
- bell hooks, Wounds of Passion

 When reading bell hooks' autobiographies, I was struck by how close to home her language came to me - we have not shared experiences, but we share a stylistic spirit that I can only hope is cultivated within me.