30/365 Project

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I talked a bit on Monday about beginnings (and endings). About how there are a lot of them in this life to take note of, that we don't often choose to see. I was thinking about how I could make that concept concrete in my own life this year, starting at the generally accepted level of every day.

This year, I am going to embark on an experiment that I've been trying to get moving ever since... well, forever. Especially since watching this video that I posted quite some time ago on my Tumblr. I want to be creative for 30 minutes every day in a variety of ways, related to any project or no project at all. Devoting that little amount of time will be a small gift to myself each day this year.

Notice, however, that I haven't called this a resolution. That is not just an attempt to keep out of the trap of being a hypocrite (since yesterday, I informed you all that I'm very anti-resolution) - it marks a little bit of realism. Some days I will fail. 30 minutes every day sounds manageable enough now, but I accept that there will be days when it seems like scaling a mountain without any climbing gear. And that's ok. I want to be candid about that because I believe one of the major failings of resolutions is that we believe they will make permanent changes within us forever and onward after we make them. And when we fail, it's a big let down. This is not that type of goals.

Beginning this 365 project is an experiment with no intended outcome. It's a big scary fun adventure. And, most importantly, it will allow me to celebrate each day I have in 2012.