A Good Hard Look: Book Review

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quick! What do you do when work gets tough and you need a break?

For me, the answer was take on another project that is completely separate from my working life - in this case, reading and reviewing A Good Hard Look for BlogHer.com. Read my review, A Hearty Character Soup, over at BlogHer.

To give a little context, BlogHer is a website that promotes women bloggers of all sorts, and the ads on the right side of the homepage are provided by their syndication. I have also elected to be a member of their Book Club, hence the reading involved. I hope to get more involved in the community that they have on the website when I am not swamped, but for now, I am contributing my thoughts to their growing pool of amazing reviewers and writers. Ah, the precious few thoughts that get put down on the page. Enjoy them!