The Q: What Are You Doing for the 4th of July? (and Responses)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

This week's question is a pretty simple one (well, I suppose it is for the American readers, perhaps not for others):
What are you doing/did you do for the 4th of July?

I don't quite know yet, but I believe I'll be hanging out at Gasworks Park and telling young people to vote along with my other Washington Bus Summer Fellows.

And here are your fabulous responses to the question: What does fashion do for you?

Video response from Joanne H:

Text responses after the jump. not fashionable. I spent 4 years in a Catholic schools, and I was fine wearing a uniform. Now, I care a bit how I look. I mean, I dress up for church- that's something I've always done. Normally though, I wear what is comfortable. Most of my shirts I got from somewhere. The shirts I did buy almost a year ago I thought had a cool design. And sort of it for fashion for me. - Stephen S.

Hey! I'm not a super fashionable person, but I wanted to add to your thought-bank.
So for me, fashion is not so much an outward expression of who I am, but an expression of how I feel. And of course they feed off of each other but pretty much its how I feel is reflected in what I decide to wear. For example, if I'm feeling confident, I might wear a dress or something thats not a pair of jeans or sweats. If I'm feeling like crap, its sweats all the way. The reason I'd say I dress to match how I feel vs to express who I am, is becuz I still haven't quite figured out who I am. I could be super valley girl-esque one day and then modern New Yorker the next. Granted, I do fall under the label of a new age hippie vs a bimbo but I'm still in the search of me.
Idk what you wanted for your responses but I just wanted to contribute somehow. Haha. - Cammi M.

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