CED Round-Up: Run Ragged

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This and last week, I experienced a meteoric slow down in my novel-writing experiences. This was informed, in part, by the increase in busy experiences that were required of me at my job. Last week, we canvassed the neighborhoods Wednesday night, hosted a fancy fundraiser at the Chihuly Boathouse in the evening, and journeyed to Yakima on Sunday. All of these experiences were undeniably fun, but they did take away from the two things a novelist needs in abundance: energy and time.

Basically, lacking those two things, I had a brain explosion.

So this week, I will show you some of the doodles I'm doing in recovery from that explosion and hopefully next week I will have more to say about my noveling progress.

(by the way, I am at 20,000 words when I should be at 32,000 by now - there's still time yet, however!)

Check out some of my stories and advice for writers while I get back my own novel chops.