CED Roundup: Bears, Knitting, and Growing Ideas

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Creative Every Day hopes this week were somewhat diminished as I found that I had a lot of ideas, but nowhere to go with them - thus, next week's goal will be implementing those ideas and seeing how it all turns out. The pictures this week reflect my new sweaterdress project at different stages of its completion, my urge to draw bears, and some design changes to The Cowation logo in order to fit with the Facebook parameters - speaking of which, you can now Like The Cowation on Facebook, as I have set up a new Page for it!

Blog Ideas
 Thurs: All the blog ideas I had when I was interlinking archived posts for days on The Cowation.

Sweaterdress Beginnings
 Fri: This is the back piece of my sweaterdress at just an itty bitty rib area of 16 rows. Working my way on up to 19". 

 "There was little in this world that kept her attention so much as the strange boxes that projected to these humans images of themselves. They were square and often large, spreading from wall to wall in some of the rooms she had seen. They came with control boxes or with sensors that would accept data disks and present whole new worlds to their viewers... Without the boxes, the humans were alone and unconnected, unlike most other animals."
"She found it difficult to watch the autopsies in progress. After spending countless hours encoding their information into the system, holding conversations with them, feeling empathy for their successes and failures, to see an individual human lain out on a table made her shudder. She knew that her cover profession as an investigator made it necessary, but it was never her favorite part of it."
Sat: I worked a bit more on the serial fiction story; above are two more excerpts from the upcoming work.
Sun: This is the back piece of my sweaterdress at 11.5" - motoring on towards 19".

Facebook Page SplashFacebook Button
Mon: I did some re-designing for the Facebook Page of my button and splash.

Clown Bear Drawing
Tues: I originally wanted to draw a person, but it evolved into this clown bear in a box. Also, the lens flare is starting to grate on me - I must do better with lighting.

Sweaterdress Middle 2
Weds: This is the back piece of my sweaterdress at 16" - working my way to 19"!

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