CED Round-Up: Visual Learners Unite!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This week's round-up is a bit late because I just arrived back from a retreat with the Washington Bus, but it is here nonetheless! I did some exploration this week by way of photography and, when indoors, did some writing and drawing on my Wacom tablet. I will learn you yet, Wacom!

Check out some more of the Creative Everyday series, or some more of my photography, writing, and knitting.

Thurs: In a burst of creative energy, I completed the Typetrigger prompt: entitlement. I wrote about a witch's experience of street harassment. Enjoy!

It was a hard feeling to sit with. Ibis was dead, and no one but Elisa knew about it. She had passed in the night, succumbing to the poison that ate through her from the inside out. The protection spell had been for naught; they were burying what remained of her in their family cemetery this afternoon.
Elisa swept through the busy streets, her eyes fixated on her bare cracked toes. She tried to will herself invisible, though she did not utter any incantation to make it happen.
A firm hand fell on her shoulder and she froze, rooted to the spot.
"Slow, slow, little miss. You don't want to trip over yourself." The man's unfamiliar voice sluiced into her ear like tree sap. She shivered from her toes to her forehead.
"What will you have of me, sir? I walk as any other woman in the street."
"Why miss, I only advise in your best interest that you not speed away from me so fast. You may approach some seedy men unawares in that manner." She could hear stifled guffaws from several more men behind her. Elisa grit her teeth.
In one swoop, she turned and threw off the man's hand, letting the hood of her cloak fall. The man who had placed his hand on her stumbled backward at the sight of her face. Her one good eye glimmered in the light; the other, an ice blue healing stone with a white center wedged into the socket, flashed dangerously from the scarred half of her face.
She raised her palms, preparing to draw an incantation. But the men, already frightened by her appearance, were scrambling in the opposite direction. Elisa lowered her hands and replaced her hood.

Fri: After all the experimentation with Wacom work, I decided that I wanted to start a concrete project. So I began sketching the outline of a photograph of myself.

Sat: When the sketch had been finished to my liking, I started doing some basic shading with lines over the general paint background. The next step will be to actually paint the darn thing!

Sun: We made the journey to Canada on this day, specifically to Vancouver, BC (as you can tell from my Capilano Bridge video on Tumblr!). I took some good photographs of nature that day at the Capilano Suspension Bridge park.

Mon: I wrote the piece that came out just yesterday on my blog: The Observer (Part II).

Tues: I began my new job with the Washington Bus, and our introductory day included a drive around Seattle (yes, in a physical bus) where we got to relive our tourist days - I pulled out my camera and grabbed a few of these shots!

Weds: I realized last week that I messed up on my sleeve-making! So I had to undo the great majority of my second sleeve and start over again... here's where I'm at now.