CED Round-Up: Bones, Cyborgs and Flowers

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This week, I introduced a new artistic medium and harkened back to the old as well. Below, you'll find examples of my coding efforts, my writing, drawing in two ways, and my severe need to move my hands while watching TV. Enjoy!

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Thurs: While some may not consider coding a creative pursuit, I value the time and effort that went into designing my new About Me and Other Blogs & Artwork pages. Click on the button below to access the About Me and Other Blogs and Artwork for access to that page.

Fri: I was mesmerized by the colors inside the iris flowers outside my house, so I decided to immortalize them before they wilt in the summer sun.

Sat: I was so swept up in writing a TypeTrigger prompt this day, that I didn't realize that the time had passed for submitting it! I was late by three minutes... No matter, though! Here it is below.

TypeTrigger Prompt: gnawing suspicion
"The dog's been chewing on that thing for a long time now..."
Claudia let her look of contempt for me smolder for several seconds before she chose to speak.
"Papa gave it to her this morning I think. Why do you care?"
I glanced back over at Marcie's big pink jaws as they wrapped around the chew toy, gnawing and gnawing. I envied her ability to ignore even the most overt distractions - like two women forcing conversation at the kitchen table above her. I looked back at Claudia.
"Did Papa tell you that I was coming home today?"
She scratched at her chipping nail polish in lieu of responding.
"You know, he probably just forgot about it," I said.
"He didn't forget. If he had wanted me to know, then he would have told me."
Claudia slid from the chair, which squeaked violently. She left the room and a few seconds later I heard the distinct tone of the television being cranked up to full volume.
I knew our father didn't make grand ceremonies out of people coming and going, but for him not to at least inform Claudia was unusual.
I stared at Marcie. She had ceased chewing and looked pleased with herself. Nothing could bother her. But something was clearly bothering Papa.

Sun: This Sunday, I was fortunate enough to purchase a Wacom Bamboo tablet, which allows me to draw and right directly into the programs on my computer, simulating pen pressure and other artistic tools. Needless to say, I'm going to be playing with it for a while. Here are two examples I made with it that day!

Mon: I went on a bike ride to the library on Monday in an attempt to escape my computer, and came home with a brand new cyborg/human head (drawing, that is).

Tues: My focus was mostly on experiments Tuesday, so I didn't produce anything too labor intensive - except for finishing my first sweaterdress sleeve and starting on the second!

Weds: I wrote a mini-tutorial for an application to Photojojo yesterday, which may appear on this site at a later date, so stay tuned!

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