Project x Project: Drawing as Stress Relief

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

As all college students know, you can get in over your head pretty easily with the reading, essays, and exams required of you in your collegiate life. And sometimes you need a break.
Crashing for a couple extra hours doesn't usually fit into my schedule, so to take time off yesterday, I zoned out and used a different part of my brain to draw the pictures above. I have been working a lot on shading and trying to figure out the "appropriate" uses for colored pencils - I'm still not quite comfortable with them, but they're getting easier!
I eventually want to take more drawing classes and use them as an outlet for the rest of my intense work schedule - for now, it's just a nice mini-project to be done in my break time.
How do you relieve stress? And what do you do in your "down time" usually? Let me know!

(by the way, late post tonight, so sorry if they all smoosh into one this week!)

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