Friday Feature: Think Simple Now

Friday, December 3, 2010

Yesterday, I took a day away from blogging because I was endlessly stressed. So, this morning, when I was thinking about the piece I wanted to feature today, I thought of one that always makes me feel better: Think Simple Now.
Think Simple Now is the blog of Tina Su, who writes a lot about feeling better, confidence, and de-stressing your life. There are also some really great and funky posts about how to read faster and productivity, so if you check through the site, you can see why I love it so much.
I am always sort of a silent blog reader - reader, but not commenter - and I think that this site really provided me what it's clarion call is: Creativity, Clarity & Happiness. When I am seeking some personal love and healing, I would check out any of the Think Simple Now blog posts below.

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