Images of New York

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

(This is my New York)

New York is a 5 dogs in the morning city. There is an occasional cat and maybe a rat running around in the subway. Pigeons are my mortal enemy and should be avoided.

New York is a city where pedestrians can attack cars right back. As I passed by, a woman smacked the side of a delivery truck, shouting "I was right f***ing here!" in reference to her position in the street.

New York is a city where geriatrics and children on scooters pass on the street without looking at each other. Or caring.

New York is a small shop front next to a multinational corporation.

New York is a bunch of women fighting back against street harassment (Hollaback!).

New York is a place where you make loose connections - kind of like Facebook - but can also find your true soulmates - like

New York is a gathering place for ideas, cultures, people you love and hate, uncommon experiences, and the types of education you only get by being in the big city. But it can't provide me with a decent uptown pho restaurant.

New York is a big dirty city, that I both love and hate. It is a place where I live and where I go to school, but I may not stay in forever. It is an experience that passes in just the way I need it to - slow enough to savor, but fast enough to fade into a sweet memory.

I have a project for my next zine gestating in my head, and it might involve just this topic - if you want to start giving me ideas about what New York is for you, please let me know! I may be doing a formal call for submissions sometime in the future...

(And so is this.)