Artistic Update: J's Extemporaneous Speaking Project

Sunday, August 1, 2010

For the last month at my ZAPP internship, I have been working on a final project that took me to a different place than all my usual artistic routes.
So I decided to combine two things that I have little experience in: extemporaneous speaking and comic drawing! Each week of the month, I spoke into a microphone for 20 minutes and then made a comic mini-zine based on the results. My mini-zines were one page designs, folded up from an 11x17 piece of paper. In the last few days, I finally realized that I had to present my work in some way, so I frantically went to Kinkos (now FedEx) and copied many of the little booklets. I was cutting and folding for hours! And now, since I have finished my work at ZAPP for this summer, I have time to scan and put up my work online.
In retrospect, this project brought up a lot of my insecurities about public speaking - when I am speaking to an audience of my peers or friends, it's natural that I will make stories and speak casually, but when I am just talking aloud to a quiet room, I get nervous. But I was surprised at how creative I was in talking about certain subjects with no prior planning. It was therapeutic in some ways to let those opinions out so that I could work through them without being challenged.
And the drawing was excellent! I have always felt inadequate in my drawing abilities (though I found some amazing drawings in my closet from when I was in middle school - who knew?). Yet, since this was a completely personal project, I did not feel pressured to draw "well" or measure up to my clearly talented illustrating peers. It was exciting to explore this new avenue of art, and I expect to continue with it.
My mini-zine consists of a little booklet that is folded, so if you want to get your own copy, please shoot me an email at! I think that it looks much better when you can flip the pages after listening to the segment.

There are going to be a lot of links below, first to my DeviantArt account for the mini-zine scans (which are cut off in some places, but definitely readable) and second to my SoundCloud account for the sound files.

In Transition (mini-zine)

On Dreams (mini-zine)

Body/Self-Image (mini-zine)

Memory (mini-zine)

Recordings (in accordance with each zine)

You can buy my zines on Etsy.
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