Catching Up on Adventures

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So, where have I been?
Well, recently my traveler's itch has been scratched with two trips in a three day span - first, ZAPP sent me to Bellingham with coworkers (and boyfriend) in tow to table at Ladyfest. Second, Josh and I drove to Ruby Beach for a daytime getaway; although, it was supposed to be partially a nighttime getaway, the sun sets so late in the day that we couldn't possibly get back at a reasonable hour and would have had to spend on a hotel.
Anyway, that basically means that I haven't been able to do a lot of blog-writing lately. But, instead, I took a lot of pictures of our journeys (dipping my feet in the old ponds, as you might say) and they are up on my DeviantArt account since they wouldn't all fit here.
Enjoy the shots from the trips below and make sure to check out the rest of them on DeviantArt!

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