Butler Library (alt. My Life In Pictures)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Although it is sort of a cop-out, this week's location was Butler Library!
I always find that Butler is a really nice place to go do work in because everyone is there for the same thing. Every head is bent over a computer screen or a notebook, the pages are being filled or read through, there is a communal silence that people take on in the library...
So it was really interesting to spend the time working on (at least partially) my story for fiction class. We (meaning Liberty and I) snagged a really great little corner table with an outlet and just fidgeted and worked/wrote in the time. It was very calming, actually.
My only caveat is that the place has no signal to the outside world. So if you're wanting to get a snack or if you want to move locations or if you want to grab a friend, you have to go around the library to get signal or out into the front door. I know that is for a reason (considering that people are studying and you don't want to bother them) but sometimes it gets really frustrating not to be able to text when you want someone to meet you in a certain section. Plus, leaving your things with strangers can be good or bad depending on your choice of person.
Overall, I really liked the academic atmosphere, so I think I would go back when I wanted to seriously focus and not just put some words down on the page.

Also, I need to put up pictures! I've been taking photographs of some things that characterize my life right now, so there are three sample ones (the first one being Butler's main entrance, the second was the Mother Tongue Day celebration in the middle of the night at the U.N. and finally there is a replica of The Thinker in the snow - which I think is my most favorite picture of all)

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