Week in Retrospect

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whoosh! The second week of classes really does give you a headspin. It's not that I had any more work than last week, but my involvement has certainly gone up. We went out looking for jobs, I tried to figure out how to get into some clubs, and I got certified to use the weight room. My brain keeps telling me that we haven't been back two weeks (because that seems so short for all the things I've done) but it's already Sunday and I have the identifying factors of a pile of work (most of it done, fortunately) and a massive desire to sleep in.
Since this was one of my more typical weeks, I think that it would be more interesting to post up something that I have written, so here you go! Keep in mind, however, that this was a rant before I went to bed.

She stretched out her arms and legs - to sky and soil - prayin that the young mists would take her up, envelop her body in the natural sense, and let her decompose there, a mere speck on the span of the earth.
Pain made its way to her fingertips and she questioned whether her reality was anymore true than that of Jacob's, who, in his infinite wisdom, claimed he felt no pain because it was a construction of the human mind. Thus, when he came to her with cuts on his fingers and bruises on his neck, she turned aside and let him return to his play. She was not afraid of those big men who hustled him as long as he could stand to take it - maybe that made her a bad mother, she thought.
Out in the breeze, she felt childlike again in her apprehension of variables - the sky's outward thrust over the high rises and mountainous landscape of skyscrapers and planes, the gentle crest of trees rolling against a grey backdrop like a child's fingerpaints. She could know nothing at all, no language to speak of, and still feel her small magnitude in this world.
Alyson took a deep breath and wandered back down to earth. The sprawling park scene was eclipsed by the pressing matters of grocery and budgets. The chirping of birds pressed into the calls of taxi horns and old men yelling. She was back in the shuffle, just another crack in the wall.

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