About The Cowation

Monday, September 21, 2009

UPDATE: I will be re-vamping this page shortly, so stay tuned for a new and improved About Me!

I have returned! After a long absence, I've decided to come back to blogging and and my artistic life online - surprise, surprise. Recently, since I have just entered Barnard College as a freshman, I have been playing around with the idea of keeping a college blog. But The Cowation will not be representative of my average school day here in New York City (if there is such a thing). No, instead I am focusing on both the personal and creative sides of my life here. So far, the latter includes writing of any fashion, paper arts, photography, photo-manipulation, knitting, book-making, theater arts, and crafty experimentation of all kinds!
The rejuvenation of The Cowation comes at a time at which I want to learn about myself; in the blog, I will write weekly posts in order to determine my writing style, my scheduling abilities, and generally have fun looking back on my successes and failures! Trust me, there are a lot of both.

So, let me reintroduce myself in order to have this bio archived and ready for easy access (as you can see, The Cowation has undergone a bit of a makeover from it's original status).
I am J, ready to embark on a journey into an adult life from the comfort of a dorm room. Currently, I have jettisoned myself out of my parents' home and am trying to discover my own routine - one that does not include nightly bouts with math homework and insomnia.
I have always been interested in the arts and learning, so I am attempting to pull myself in all directions at the moment in order to stretch my time to every event, club, and class I can. It's all very tiring, but I must persist!
I have so many interests that there is not enough space to post about all of them - from tennis to aloe vera plants, I am all things pressed into one Bengali woman's body. I come from Bellevue, Washington (right near Seattle!) but I am a transplant into the hectic New York City lifestyle. As I try to adjust, I am learning the place of fashionable accessories and flipflops alongside psychological experiment procedures and how to improve my wellness.

If you have any questions about me, or if you just want to talk, email me at: