Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm going to the Grand Canyon! Ahhh! I am so happy!
It was a tense battle of wills, but my father finally allowed me to go on vacation with Josh and his family. We are going to California and then to the Grand Canyon and, hopefully, there my creative output will be revived.
There are so many ideas that I want to carry out, but I have little motivation! Gah!
Today I was looking through Photoshop work that I had done a while ago and it renewed my interest in working with images - I also worked with photography today and it totally made me want to go out and make more and more art (especially because my boyfriend got his new Nikon in - that's him, in the picture, which I took with my camera and he edited in Photoshop to have burned edges). Ah! And that made me want to write and make books and this this that that... I am ready to explode with creativity! And yet... it's not that I don't have the time - but I don't have the drive to do anything. It's terrible.
Second to that, I believe my health is declining. Goodness, all of that comes back just as my relationship problems right themselves and my happiness is level again. But I guess that's how the pendulum swings - now I can focus on balancing creative works and personal wellness again.
Ah, life.

I am grateful for...
Concessions. Such as the one my father made for my happiness, to allow me to go on vacation. Such as the one I made to allow forgiveness into my heart to replace anger. Such as the one that lets me be alive in the United States and cared for and loved. This I am grateful for.

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