Experimenting with Light Painting

Friday, July 10, 2009

Today was all about the photography (or, at least, mostly about the photography).
Josh and I went hardware searching for remotes for our cameras - we went to 6 different stores, but they were either out of stock or it cost too much, so we finally ordered online. All that work... But, we did have the opportunity to do some cool photographic tricks today - namely, our first experimentation in the world of light painting.
Josh bought an LED flashlight and we went out later in the evening (after stuffing ourselves with Taco Time and hanging out with the guys) to a forest-y area of Ardmore Trails and started playing around with long exposure photographs.
It was pretty frickin' sweet.
Above are the two pictures that I liked the most that are on my camera (he has some that are really nice too - mine are pretty much all in red; his are in blue). I played with some brightness/contrast features for them when I got home, but I've included the originals as well - I don't know yet which way I prefer it. We'll try again soon!

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