Medaille du B.I.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

That's what's in my picture today - my IB Candidate medal!
I don't know why they don't give us medals after we get the diploma, but I guess it makes sense that we won't all be nicely compacted in high school when those results come in. I'm both nervous and excited - but I definitely want to get out of high school in this flippin' second.
I practiced my grad speech today and was pleasantly surprised; it didn't suck! I relive that non-suckage every time I read it, which is nice.
In other news, I had another scary episode of dreaming about the future and how things will be in college and leaving everything behind... I woke up at 5am out of a dream just thinking that nothing would work out in my relationship. Fortunately, I got this piece of advice off of my boyfriend this afternoon:
"Don't think about all the things you're going to leave behind, think about all the things you're going to."
Simple and true. Something to live by.

I am grateful for...
The art of making mini-zines and the flexibility of said small projects. Seriously, it's just great to feel like you finished something and it actually looks GOOD.

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