Travels in JDishia

Monday, March 23, 2009

I remember back in the day... wait - I'm not that old!
But truly, when I was younger, I was always in imagination land. I created an entire world out of just the stuff around me, and my friends did the same. We were always in ice caves (playing ice N64, of course, with games crafted by Chels out of pure ice blocks) or swimming around the Saharan desert. I realized, yesterday, as I was writing my Memoirian Highlights, that I really miss that world. It was so flashy! So real! When I went to sleep, I knew that I could be there... Now that we're stuck in the natural world, I have been slumped over a desk to try and figure out where we're going with everything.
Moviemakers and writers inspire me because they haven't lost that world; when I write, I return to it, but now I believe it's time to buck that world in an online fashion! So now, I introduce the new episodic structure of Travels in JDishia - another of my hare-brained schemes of keeping this blog as a television channel rather than a movie.
When I was young, I almost created a website based off of my imaginary island [or country, depending on the year] of JDishia. JD was one of my elementary school nicknames (no real reason for the 'D' after Britney left, that's why I became 'J') and I had such an inspired idea about the entire thing! I wanted to create my own language and food and culture... little did I know that computer failure completely destroys all dreams and hopes.
So, returning to my naiive past and conjuring it up in this present seems like an opportune way to move my personal writing forward and say 'to heck with you chains of monstrous school!'
Anyway, the first episode will come either tonight or tomorrow, when I'm less freaked out about missing class.

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