This Day In History

Saturday, January 10, 2009

This day in history is really of no consequence to anyone. As one grain of sand in the desert sprawl of time, this day is just another dry reminder that we are not really present here for long. I feel the tears rush up for all those that close their eyes for the last time today. They will not suffer any longer; they will be delivered up to Allah with all his graces and mercy. We are blessed in our lives and cannot forget that. When they are gone, we must cherish the space they made in this world, even though they are inconsequential in the instance.
I cherish my family and what I believe to be mine - my beautiful friends and lovely animals. Most of all, I cherish myself. Let the dead rest with their loved ones, and may their souls be preserved regardless of race, religion, gender, or orientation.
I will close my eyes tonight with the feeling of you in my heart.

Today was a hard day for photography.

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